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Access the law you need.

How accessible is the law anyway? How easy is it to access the law you need?  At what point in your concerns do you need to contact the professionals to assist you with the law. This article made me wonder about the choices people are making now that more information is readily available online.

By accessibility, we mean that all persons who need to use the law for their needs can access the law. You need to be able to access the law you need, read and understand it, without barriers to entry. However, not everyone has the same capability to do this themselves. Disadvantaged people should be able to access the law if the media incorporates the necessary accessories that removes barriers to entry. This also depends on whether people actually want to use the law themselves for their personal or business needs.

Media and Law

The public can access the law through libraries, the internet, parliament sources and commercial sources. There are also subscriptions available to access legal intranets or commercially prepared sources of law. However, authors write common law and legislation with various levels of complexity depending on the audiences. Subscribers to literature such as these tend to be legal professionals, educators and students rather than the general public.  So, you may have some background or education in this area in order to access the law you need. Alternatively, you look for those who can research the law and interpret it, so it meets your needs.

Independent legal research

Some people would want to access the law themselves to reduce their personal costs or if legal professionals are lacking in their area. A person may try to attempt a legal problem themselves such as writing their own contract or defending themselves in court. They can obtain templates for contracts such as employment agreement or sales items without employing lawyer. This is fine for some simple transactions or relatively small disputes. However, these contracts  may not include all the terms and conditions that the person needs to preserve their interests.

A person with extensive experience in the field will know the loopholes to fill in order to fully protect a person’s interest or business concerns. It is also not a good idea to compromise quality for cost when the person’s livelihood or the livelihood of others whom they employ, involved with, or care for is at stake.

When to use a lawyer

Hiring a lawyer should be good value for money when you need legal advice. A lawyer skill is in interpreting the law and applying it to legal problems. When instructed to act, the lawyer will review any work that their client has done themselves through their personal research. By using strong written and verbal communication skills, lawyers  explain the legal principles to their clients or all members in a court hearing, in an everyday meaningful way.

Are you protected?

Paying for the services of a lawyer is more likely than not to protect you or someone else from harm. If you have financial liabilities, or a personal detriment  you do not want to  misunderstand the law, government rules and regulations. So, to access the law you need, you should have peace of mind when you consult a suitably qualified legal professional.

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