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Electronic Signatures

It is now more apparent that documents such as contracts and invoices are signed electronically. This depends on the policies and practice of your company or industry (nationally and/or internationally), and whether the documents require witnesses.

Two examples of e-signatures used on document sent by email and/or jpeg versions of the signed document sent by email. The assumptions that need to be made are that the senders have genuine authorisation to sign the documents: passport verifications and other ID, and company ID all can be checked through due diligence.

It seems sensible that the parties that enter into contracts or agreements try as much as possible to use facial recognition real-time media (video chats and simultaneous email exchange) to add to extra security and confidence to genuine agreements.

A number of professional templates exist that business owners can use and/or modify to suit their own needs. Consult one of our consultants if you require professional documents tailored to your business.

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