Are you thinking of investing in a franchise business? Or have you been sold an illegal franchise agreement? Have you broken your franchise agreement and face legal action for breach of contract?

Many franchises have been advertised on the internet to potential buyers. The internet can be a net for vulnerable people who would like to be successful entrepreneurs. Some franchises are built on a solid foundation and offer very good support. For example, A Macdonald’s franchise is very different from a franchise from ‘Joe Bloggs’ who has not even established business or is not licensed to practice. Some franchises are scams and can leave a potential investor out of pocket of large sums of money.

It is important to carry out research on a franchise with due diligence before investing your money into the franchise agreement.

Solicitors who specialize in franchising assist in the establishment, purchasing or selling franchise businesses. Solicitors also deal with franchise agreements and breach of contracts.

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