Tax Law


There are two things in life we can’t escape from, and one of them is taxes!

Tax evasion and fraud is illegal and a criminal offence. There are a number of ways in which an individual can be committing an offence for tax evasion and tax fraud. You can download more information about tax evasion, tax avoidance and fraud here.

Businesses and individuals who are self employed are responsible for paying the correct amount of tax and can be fined if they provide the wrong information even if it is by accident. Most businesses and self employed people employ the services of an accountant for their taxation commitments. The accountant will employ tax efficient methods which businesses and individuals will welcome!

When do you need a tax lawyer?

The HMRC requires a business or individual to register their tax avoidance schemes. This is to help the business or individual from accidentally committing the criminal offence of tax evasion.

If you have a dispute with HMRC or have made incorrect submissions then a tax lawyer will provide you with practical legal advice on the issues.

Contact Finest Law if you require a Tax Lawyer to assist you with your enquiries.

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