Wills & Trusts


The second thing in life that we can’t escape is death. To help facilitate the closing of an individual’s lifetime accumulations, probate lawyers are key in the execution of wills, probate law, trusts and executor services.

A will is a document created by a person who intends to allocate his/her assets to family, individuals or organizations after the person dies.

A trust is a document that manages the assets allocated to individuals or organizations whilst the person is living. Some trusts are managed by lawyers. The lawyer is then the trustee and will manage the trust assets according to the wishes of the person who created the trust.

Probate is the court process where the contents of a will or a trust can also be challenged by individuals.

You need an experienced legal advisor to draft, set up and manage the will or trust according to the terms of the trust or contents of the will.

You can contact Finest Law to for further assistance if you need a legal advisor for wills or trusts or probate.

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