Immigration lawyers will help you prepare all the applications and documents you need to make your visit to the UK or the country of your choice legal. A good immigration lawyer will provide you with advice on entry clearance, visa applications, work permits, overstay procedures and other immigration requirements you may have.

You also need to know the rights, duties, and obligations required of you or your family members if you wish to apply for permanent residency, citizenship or a British passport. It is a great idea to do some research and to familiarize yourself with the immigration process in the country that you wish to reside in.

If your application is denied by the immigration authorities the first time, your chances of success the second time are greatly reduced, unless there is a gross error on the part of the immigration officials themselves.

So it is best to hire a good immigration specialist lawyer the first time you submit your application because the immigration lawyers will have access to a higher number of cases similar to yours that have been successful.

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