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As an artist, you need contractual agreements that bind all those who work with you so that you and your work is protected from misuse and copyright and that you are paid fairly for the work you do.

If you work in the media, film or creative arts industries, and especially if you are self-employed, you should consider the services of a media lawyer or media law firm.

Media lawyers can also represent artists, writers, actors and film professionals through agency agreements, image rights, distribution deals, publishing deals, recording licenses, rehearsal agreements and royalties.

You may need special protection that includes estate planning to pass your work onto members of your family, museums, charities or any person or organization you choose.

Sometimes new bands or new film media start-up as groups or companies and distribute their material and services, especially over the internet, without legal protection.

If you need a media lawyer or solicitor, contact us for more information about issues that may be related to your situation and to connect with professionals who lead in this area.


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